About Us

Dental professionals around the world share a common set of dreams - deliver the best service possible, grow their practice, and minimize time spent performing back office functions. Unfortunately, these dreams turn to frustrations as many spend more time pushing paper and less time practicing the art of dentistry.

Experiencing these aggravations first hand, Dr. Greg Burnett, DDS, an orthodontist with over 15-years of dental practice experience, recognized the need for a simple, consumer-friendly program allowing dental professionals to spend more time with their patients and less performing duties from behind a desk.

From his commitment to improving the field of dentistry, Dr. Burnett recruited leading software developers to turn needs into a working product. Through expert design, application development expertise, and healthcare industry knowledge RecordLinc was born.

Benefits of RecordLinc

  • Dependability of doctor-to-doctor communication
  • Time saved in transit, staff time, and mailing costs
  • Compliance with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) security standards
  • Ease of use with their practice management software.

RecordLinc’s culture is defined by:

  • Being customer centric.
  • Our commitment to delivering service excellence.
  • Being a performance-based organization.

Created by a dental professional for dental professionals, RecordLinc is a unique product creating living patient files. These files can last for the life of each patient, and transferred from doctor to doctor, as the patient's needs change. RecordLinc users receive images and communication, and have the ability to respond, in real time, with RecordLinc's messaging system.

Dr. Burnett envisioned a product that saved time, money and resources. The result is RecordLinc, a product bringing customer care to a new level of excellence.